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​Winter Hope 2016 - Sør-Afrika

Vi har fått en mail fra en av våre partnere i Sør-Afrika som har satt i gang en innsamlingsaksjon kalt Winter Hope 2016. Vi ønsker å dele informasjonen om aksjonen med våre deltakere slik at dere har mulighet til å være med dersom dere ønsker det.

Som en av våre deltakere til Ghana så flott sa: "Ingen kan hjelpe alle, men alle kan hjelpe noen". Det er allerede samlet inn nesten ZAR64 000 av målet på ZAR415 000 (19.05.2016).

To all our amazing volunteers (past and present) and our valued supporters: we need your assistance!

As the cool, windy, and wet winter months approach, we are supporting the third annual Winter Hope Campaign; this campaign aims to ensure that children living in the local settlements stay warm and dry this winter. We hope to supply each child in the local community of Wolwerivier with warm clothing, appropriate footwear, and blankets.

It takes R300 to supply a single child with these necessary items, and with the recent influx of residents within this settlement, we have approximately 500 children to assist! Funds raised from this initiative will also be directed to repairing infrastructure and homes that will not see the winter through.

Any and all contributions are extremely appreciated! Some items we are specifically looking for include:

If you would like to make a donation to Winter Hope please click here and with 2 small clicks you can make a BIG difference!

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